Spinning on a Barstool

The barstool. The pew of the working class.

Warden of wishes. Steward of secrets.

Custodian. Keeper. Protector.

On it, the ordinary sit.

Occasionally … the extraordinary.

When a world class casino magnate from the Cayman Islands steps into Corky’s Pub, he transforms the familiar into fantastic.

Weaving stories that dip in and out of the rich and the famous, from rock stars to mafia, and looping them with threads of the trials, anguish, endurance of the ordinary, this true story takes you on an incredible journey of friendship between an ordinary waitress and the wealthiest man in the world. Join the author on a page-turning ride of incredible highs with incredible hope into a world that exists only for the elite that will leave you wondering, “Is her new friend a Super-Hero or is he Satan? Is he here to save the world, or will hers be destroyed?”