Hope’s Projects

Seventy percent of the profits of Spinning on a Barstool will be directed toward these different areas. All are addressing human needs in different ways. Please click the links and explore where your money goes whenever you purchase this book!


Chilliwack Youth
Funds for Chilliwack are earmarked for the prevention of homelessness. While there is no ‘answer’ we feel working with our youth is a great start. We were shocked at what we didn’t know on our teacher visits. Due to student privacy, we won’t publicly share their need. We do encourage you to visit your own schools and have conversations with the teachers and counsellors for needs you can meet either privately or through your businesses.
Publicly we direct your attention to Cyrus Center. Please click on the links provided. The Pathways Project gives an in-depth look into our youth. and the Cyrus link shares what this group does, how they work, and their ongoing needs. Homelessness is an epidemic. Cyrus Center works tirelessly when our youth find themselves homeless and works for solutions so they don’t remain so.


Wholly Ground Coffee Cart

This is a donation based social project run by Tag und Nacht LL, a Non-profit in the south of Germany.

You are worth it – This is the simple explination as to why we are creating a donation based coffee cart.

Because we know that every individual person is worthy of an act of kindness through a delicious cup of specialty coffee, a conversation, and even a listening ear. That these simple things, change lives for the better.


Long before the war in Ukraine started, groups of elderly had been forgotten in little villages dotted throughout the country. Spinning on a Barstool recounts their extreme poverty through the eyes of Danielle, when she visited them with her family. Maksim has been the voice for these grannies. He has wonderful visions and ideas to alleviate the problem and works along side ‘The Source of Hope Church’ in Ukraine. Please click on the links to learn more!