And there I was… Just minding my own business Book Review by Glenda

And there I was… Just minding my own business Book Review by Glenda

And there I was… Just minding my own business

Review by Glenda


Just Minding My Own Business – a hybrid memoir

By Rawge Jones



It took over sixty years for the tule fog to lift off the San Joaquin Valley, and when it did, there he was, leaning against a fence post, just minding his own business.




Some people love ‘Romance Novels, others, ‘Mysteries’, still others love ‘Fantasy’,

I love a good ‘Memoir’. I suppose my mind thinks it’s easy to create something that doesn’t exist but it’s damn more interesting to read about what does exist. Maybe I just like people. I don’t know. I do know that a ‘Memoir’ can be a difficult thing to pull off. If the writer isn’t careful or skilled, a memoir will read flat and self-centered. I’ve yawned my way through more than one.

I opened ‘Just Minding My Own Business’ without expectation.

I started reading and I smiled, and as the Dust Bowl migrants moved, I knew me and this memoir would get along just fine. Rawge Jones is an American Storyteller.

Rawge pulled this reader into the San Joaquin  Valley gently, with a bit of a drawl, blowing dust away. There were moments when I was certain he was Steinbeck’s son as I melted into the first part of the book. As the story continued the feeling shifted. Personal experience marked with good humor and careful retrospect, entertained and pulled this reader forward into Rawge’s life and thoughts, and it was here that I met a guitar-picking philosopher. 

The subtitle -hybrid memoir- is a perfect term for this book.

I loved the title of the book and the cover depicted the easy nature of the man within it.

If you enjoy memoirs this one won’t disappoint, Rawge’s style of writing was easy and enjoyable. While so much of his story resonated with me it was the beginning part of the book that was most impressive. Having just said I love ‘Memoirs’, there is something in the beginning part of this book that sings ‘You must write a novel!’ I appreciated his wit and his wisdom but I fell in love with the voice that told me the story of his parents.

I rate Just Minding My Own Business a solid 4 out of 5 and would recommend it to those who enjoy Memoirs, unassuming philosophy, and American storytelling.


Tomorrow And Tomorrow And Tomorrow Review by Glenda

Tomorrow And Tomorrow And Tomorrow Review by Glenda

Tomorrow And Tomorrow And Tomorrow

Review by Glenda

 Tomorrow And Tomorrow And Tomorrow

by Gabrielle Zevin

Penguin Random House


I don’t even know where to begin so I will begin and begin and begin.

I bit into Super Mario’s Mushroom, it was magic and it tasted like peach!



I don’t even know where to begin so I will begin and begin and begin.

I bit into Super Mario’s Mushroom, it was magic and it tasted like peach!


Why did I even buy this book?

What was it that drew me to want to read it?

I don’t even know.

I read no blurb. 

I read no reviews. 

I saw the cover in a Goodreads give away, a couple of times and while I wasn’t drawn to it, it must have made an impact because I was in the bookstore with a credit that needed spending, and there, that weird cover stuttering over ‘Tomorrow’ was on shelf of ‘Staff Picks’. 

Okay, I saw it on Goodreads, and I saw it in a bookstore in Chilliwack, obviously, it’s stalking me. I bought it. Here I was, the week before Christmas hanging out with a couple of kids as they played video games. 

“Hey, do you know where our Nintendo is?” I asked my husband. He was sucking on a candy cane and watching football. 

“In the sea can, but you’ll never, ever, ever, ever find it.”


“Why do you ask now?”

“I had an urge to chase mushrooms.” I cracked the book and continued to read, and then I read and read and read.

The story is magnificent (and I don’t usually use that word for anything so this is a magnificent thing!)

My being was touched that the story revolved around ‘friendship’. It was sweet, it was troubled, it was angry, it was confused. What started as a coming of age story, grew, like the Super Mario mushroom, larger and tastier, older and wiser.

I appreciated the writing. Zevin’s storytelling drew me in and kept me there and when I got to the last few pages I was sad. It was one of those books you know will end, but you just don’t want it TO end.

Every character Zevin introduced had a beautiful spot within the story, from Sadie’s Grandmother to Ichigo, real and imagined it was masterful the way they intertwined, developed, grew, and died. I felt like I was reading a classic. Zevin’s skill is masterful!

Gabrielle Zevin, I’m so glad your book stalked me! I rated it 5 out of 5, and I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a well-developed storyline with loveable characters, it doesn’t matter if you like video games or not, this story will keep you riveted to the very end.


PS If you are not an art connoisseur nor a Macbeth fan…The cover will make complete sense after you read the book!


The Perfect Fig

The Perfect Fig

The Perfect Fig

Review by Glenda

The Perfect Fig – Short stories from England and Italy by S.M.Walker



I reached in for an apple and pulled out a fig. A perfect fig!



“I don’t review self-published authors.” Was an email I received several months ago. I had sent a request to a notable reviewer in hopes of luring them in with promises of chocolate chip cookies and fancy wine in exchange for their honest opinion of my book. 

I had stepped foot into ‘self-published’ snobbery.

“Why is this?” I asked myself. So I purchased a couple of self-published books and then I opened them and then I read them and then I thought “OH GOD! We are horrible!” and then I understood why I got that email.

Well, no, to be fair, WE are not ALL horrible, but I have stopped buying physical ‘self-published’ and have started downloading these books on my Kindle. I want to be supportive of my fellow littérateurs but the truth is, not all of us who love to write, know how to write well. I have limited space for physical books and being that I’m fifty-six and more than halfway through my life, I have limited time to read. I’m picky about where I invest it. So, I reach my hand in and out of these digitials like Eve, searching for a perfect apple to chomp on. If it’s a bad bit I don’t bother biting more and I unload and pick another.

A month ago I found a fig, I put it in my mouth and bit, and then I bit again, and then I savored and then I bit again and then I licked all of the juicy bits running down my arm and then I jumped up from my easy chair,  ‘YUM! DELICIOUS! HOORAY!” I shouted waving my sticky hands in the air.

“You are shaking the whole trailer.” Haney pointed out.

“But you don’t understand! She knows how to write! It’s brilliant! It’s bloody brilliant, that ending!

He rolled his eyes at me, stuck a sausage in his mouth,  clicked the tv to TSN to, and started watching football. 

I sat back down and started another story.

I’m an impatient reader, and it was as if Walker knew this and saved me. Her short stories are crafted well and are brisk, easy, and entertaining! Flash fiction in the finest fig quality!

Walker’s brit wit snaps crisply and she puts the dot on the Epic ‘i’.  I don’t know if I want to peek inside of her mind or flee from it. How she pulled some of those endings had me cheering with glee and trembling at the exact moment. 

Not every story had that exact impact yet there was something in each that resonated with this Canadian reader and it had me longing for more!

I purchased not one but 3 physical copies after I read it. This little book will suit very well in my library and I will pull it out for visitors when they are poking around for a quick read. I sent one to my mum who also appreciates a chuckle and I’ve kept one aside to give away.

Walker priced the book well for me to share her work with others. I commend her for her selected price point.

The cover was eye-catching enough to want to peek inside and it suited the title perfectly. I’m currently re-reading the little stories and then I shall move on to her next book.

Thank you for writing The Perfect Fig, S.M. Walker, I will enjoy it over and over again!

I feel quite sorry for the person who doesn’t review self-published. They lost out reading this little gem and I’m thrilled that I can honor a fellow self-published author with a five-star, raving review!


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Tip Tuesdays at Corky’s

Tip Tuesdays at Corky’s


Do Gooders Just Want to Do Good!

The story behind Tip Tuesdays at Corky’s.

Note… Spinning on a Barstool spoilers are included, don’t read if you intend on reading the book without spoilers!

 I never knew the extent of the needs of our youth in Chilliwack until I met Daryl. In a round about way it’s because of him. So, Thank you Daryl!


 If you’ve read Spinning on a Barstool you will be well aware of the homeless situation in the City of Chilliwack BC. Inspired and Funded by Daryl and investments made by Haney and myself we had our sights set on eradicating homelessness by working with our youth before they became homeless. This was the intention of the Foundation of Hope. As the Foundation was waiting for registration and funds to be released through Fintrac, I investigated and explored the deepest needs and what our City was doing to address them. Many programs were already in place funding was missing. Two places touched my heart, the Schools and The Cyrus Center. 

It was when we went and spoke with our schools that we comprehended the state some of their students were in. I won’t go into detail here, please read Spinning on a Barstool for a deeper perspective. Along the way, I found Cyrus Center and I saw what they were doing and I heard from others, some of the situations the youth have found themselves in and their needs. I won’t go into private details. There are many, many people in Chilliwack doing many great things. Reaching out to give a hand up to our youth who are hurt. Poverty and the problems within that are real, and they exist here.

When the Foundation of Hope didn’t turn out as planned, when Daryl didn’t turn out to be who he portrayed himself to be, the sorrow was magnificent. The hope, the funding, and the aid were gone, but the problem wasn’t.

After I brushed my off my ego and washed off the dried snot stuck to my face I started writing Spinning on a Barstool. Its intent was to protect the Canadian people from Daryl (and perhaps people like Daryl) but I had a bigger desire, to do what we were planning! To help our youth, and to bring attention to their needs. Homelessness is still an issue, If we work to aid youth to prevent them from becoming homeless then our future looks better. Why not try?

What can I do?

I’m a waitress in a pub, clearly not educated in matters such as these!

But the problem still exists and it natters against my soul.

The majority of the profits of Spinning on a Barstool have been designated to aid in the prevention of homelessness but it’s slow going. Profits happen after the expenses are paid. The expense to put the book out was quite substantial and we need to sell a large number of books before it turns a profit, this hasn’t happened yet. I have hope 😀 There is $100 in Hopes’ Project’s account, donated by a couple of ladies at the pub who have the same desire I do. In the meantime, the problem still exists.

Last November I had the idea to fill the Christmas stockings and the  ‘shoe closet’ of the school by donating all of my tips on Tuesdays through the month of November. The response was enormous! It was AMAZING! Elderly people brought in their extra loonies and toonies and people came specifically to hand me hundreds of their own money to give to the school on their behalf. One of our former servers Nikki, got wind of it and took her enthusiasm to her new place of employment CamTran and they got on board. I was so busy at work I couldn’t keep up…


“I’ll give up my day off Glenda! I’ll come and help you!”

Oh God, I needed it too!… together we tackled the rest of the Tuesdays and at the end of November our customers had donated over $3600! With another $2200 added from the generosity of Cam Tran’s employee’s

The school filled the shoe closet. Gym strip and running shoes and toiletries and food gift cards were purchased by the school with these funds to help any of their students in need throughout the year. And Christmas Stockings were filled! And Corky’s Customers did that! It was amazing!

Last week Tina said, “Are we doing it again Glenda?”

I said, “ are you volunteering, I can’t do it on my own?”


Tina is again giving up her day off to come and do Tip Tuesdays at Corky’s.

I’m grateful and I’m humbled.

This year we decided to split the funds exactly between the school and Cyrus Center. The intention is to help our Chilliwack youth and both do a spectacular job!

With this all said,

Everyone is invited to come and visit Tina and myself, every Tuesday through the month of November from 11 am until 4 pm.

100 % of our tips will be donated and we are happy to do it!

Please come and have fun with us! Bring in your extra rolls of quarters and dimes, if you are a cheque kind of person we can direct who you can make cheques out to. If you are a Chilliwack Business looking for an area to give, then get on board we would LOVE to have you!

Let’s surpass last year!

And let’s have an amazing time doing this!



Please follow our progress here;


The Plastic Priest – Review by Glenda

The Plastic Priest – Review by Glenda

The Plastic Priest

Review by Glenda

 The Plastic Priest by Nicole Cushing

Published by Cemetery Dance Productions


The Master and Margarita got married in Stepford, conceived their daughter Barbie, and Nicole Cushing wrote all about it in The Plastic Priest.

The description drew me to want to read this book. Where does a body go when the soul has been poisoned? I wanted to know.

The cover is dark and weird yet so is the book so it’s entirely fitting.



The Spiritual Stepford wife of God, lives in Owlingsville. Her name is Kaye. I met her, I’m sure a bit of her resides in each one of us.

Kaye is an Episcopal priest, married to her pagan husband Charlie. From the get go you expect a clash, you expect that the mind will be challenged with conflicting beliefs, conflicting thoughts, conflicting emotions, conflicting understanding of what it means to be human. It was all of this presented within well rounded characters and some lovely wit.

Cushing developed the characters in The Plastic Priest in a way that made this reader feel like she was sitting beside them, loving some, hating some and sometimes wanting to roll my eyes and tell some to ‘f’ right off. The pace of the novella was perfect.

While I loved the development of all the characters, Janus’ left me feeling like I was missing something. Maybe his was a little too abrupt or whimsical in his power? A bit of a jester more than a god? No doubt it was purposeful, but it made my mind stretch into the downward dog to grasp it and I’m a little lazy. That position hurts.

A philosophical thriller? A metaphysical memoir? I rated it a four out of five stars. If you love grappling with those who grapple with religion, you will enjoy this novella.

Thank you to Cemetery Dance Publications and NetGalley for the ARC. The views expressed are all mine, freely given. The Plastic Priest will be published Dec. 15, 2023 Keep your eye out for it!