A Land More Kind Than Home

Review by Glenda

 This book was recommended to my by my literary friend David Sweet.

I love the color and the contrast of the cover it is a perfect blend of the darkness in the story blended within the soft voice of it’s Appalachian author.






A tragic tale told in the genteel voice of an Appalachian storyteller. Words wrapped in a thick accent pulled me into a place I’d never been with people I have met before. Cash had the ability to draw in the familiar allowing this story to resonate.

I felt I was at home in a place I’d never been.

Cash leads the two-step, dipping in and out of his character’s lives, gently rock-stepping through a dry August. You could feel the sweat pearling on the forehead, you could smell the odor of perspiration seeping through their ‘Sunday’ best.

Like a mournful vibration on a violin string, the story lingers long after the last page is turned. It was fitting it was read in the Summer time.

A solid 4 out of 5. With a high recommendation to read especially if you love the feel of small-town America rooted in history and tradition.