Shoebox Baby – Review by Glenda

Shoebox Baby – Review by Glenda

Shoebox Baby

Review by Glenda


Shoebox Baby

By Sharon Bruce

Self-published/Tellwell Talent 



… and there on the warming shelf, laid the ‘Shoebox Baby’.





Shoebox Baby. You know with a title like that, there is a story worth reading.

I used Tellwell Talent to publish my book and so naturally I scrolled through other books, and other authors who also used this service, and there on the warming shelf, laid the ‘Shoebox Baby’.

For the price of a double-double and a donut, I bought the Kindle and started to read.

Three generations of eastern Canadian women quickly pulled this westerner into their lives as told by Author Sharon Bruce. Her style is uncomplicated. Her voice, distinct. Her storytelling, simple. This ‘Bruce Thrice’ had my nose riveted until the last page was swiped. 

The story of Grace was unadorned and engaging with her earthy character and windswept humor chinked into the crevices of her life. Grace’s life was difficult. It pulled me back to a time when houses were cold and food, scarce. I chided myself a lot this week when I complained internally about living in a 5th wheel. It’s warm, I have a heating blanket and food, I’m damn lucky!

I loved everything about Grace and I’m incredibly thankful to have picked up this book to meet her! It’s not surprising that Grace’s wit and resilient nature were passed on to Sue. I loved Bruces’ ability to present the sweet disposition of Sue without mincing the difficulties of dealing with her strong character as she aged. 

While Bruce put just enough of herself into this book to make her presence known the fact that she stood to the side in a supporting role made this memoir sing beautifully. 

I have heard it said that our lives are remembered only to the third generation, then, there is nobody left to remember those who once lived. This family is blessed to have moments of their lives preserved through the story ‘Shoebox Baby’, and, while for sure those connected in this family bloodline will appreciate reading about those that came before them, it was also a super read for those of us who don’t know them, who only just met them, while sipping tea in a wintery week as the year turned from 2023 to 2024. 

I loved the title and it’s what immediately drew my attention to this book. The cover supported the title simply. I would recommend this book particularly if you enjoy a nicely paced memoir. If you enjoy true stories of life, of uncomplicated people, and particularly if you need reminding that life today isn’t nearly as difficult as it was back then. I would even encourage those who have their noses in fiction to pop into this book, there is something riveting in reading real.  

The Shoebox Baby is a memorable memoir. Nicely done Ms. Bruce!