The Perfect Fig

The Perfect Fig

The Perfect Fig

Review by Glenda

The Perfect Fig – Short stories from England and Italy by S.M.Walker



I reached in for an apple and pulled out a fig. A perfect fig!



“I don’t review self-published authors.” Was an email I received several months ago. I had sent a request to a notable reviewer in hopes of luring them in with promises of chocolate chip cookies and fancy wine in exchange for their honest opinion of my book. 

I had stepped foot into ‘self-published’ snobbery.

“Why is this?” I asked myself. So I purchased a couple of self-published books and then I opened them and then I read them and then I thought “OH GOD! We are horrible!” and then I understood why I got that email.

Well, no, to be fair, WE are not ALL horrible, but I have stopped buying physical ‘self-published’ and have started downloading these books on my Kindle. I want to be supportive of my fellow littérateurs but the truth is, not all of us who love to write, know how to write well. I have limited space for physical books and being that I’m fifty-six and more than halfway through my life, I have limited time to read. I’m picky about where I invest it. So, I reach my hand in and out of these digitials like Eve, searching for a perfect apple to chomp on. If it’s a bad bit I don’t bother biting more and I unload and pick another.

A month ago I found a fig, I put it in my mouth and bit, and then I bit again, and then I savored and then I bit again and then I licked all of the juicy bits running down my arm and then I jumped up from my easy chair,  ‘YUM! DELICIOUS! HOORAY!” I shouted waving my sticky hands in the air.

“You are shaking the whole trailer.” Haney pointed out.

“But you don’t understand! She knows how to write! It’s brilliant! It’s bloody brilliant, that ending!

He rolled his eyes at me, stuck a sausage in his mouth,  clicked the tv to TSN to, and started watching football. 

I sat back down and started another story.

I’m an impatient reader, and it was as if Walker knew this and saved me. Her short stories are crafted well and are brisk, easy, and entertaining! Flash fiction in the finest fig quality!

Walker’s brit wit snaps crisply and she puts the dot on the Epic ‘i’.  I don’t know if I want to peek inside of her mind or flee from it. How she pulled some of those endings had me cheering with glee and trembling at the exact moment. 

Not every story had that exact impact yet there was something in each that resonated with this Canadian reader and it had me longing for more!

I purchased not one but 3 physical copies after I read it. This little book will suit very well in my library and I will pull it out for visitors when they are poking around for a quick read. I sent one to my mum who also appreciates a chuckle and I’ve kept one aside to give away.

Walker priced the book well for me to share her work with others. I commend her for her selected price point.

The cover was eye-catching enough to want to peek inside and it suited the title perfectly. I’m currently re-reading the little stories and then I shall move on to her next book.

Thank you for writing The Perfect Fig, S.M. Walker, I will enjoy it over and over again!

I feel quite sorry for the person who doesn’t review self-published. They lost out reading this little gem and I’m thrilled that I can honor a fellow self-published author with a five-star, raving review!


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